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Email Marketing

Pathfinder Direct is a leader in Email Marketing. We have a proven track record of providing excellent results for so many clients over the past 12 years. We have servers that can handle any amount of data you might choose. Our very specific data cards are on Nextmark and SRDS.

Direct Mail Marketing

With over 350 different lifestyle interest available we can target down to the zip code, city, state or even the street level. You can target online purchasers, income, home value, number in the family, age and so much more! Your direct mail campaign will get noticed.

Steps To Work With Us

Step 1

Call or email us with your campaign particulars and we will run counts for you based on your specific selects.

Step 2

We will have your counts and email them to you. Our pricing will be included in our email to you.

Step 3

Let us know when you are ready and we will send you an insertion order to fill out and make payment arrangements.

Additional tips

Best Practices

Pathfinder Direct uses all the best practices of the Direct Marketing Association, the Mobile Marketing Association and follow all CAN Spam Laws and procedures.

Define Goals

Provide us with all of the campaign goals and we will make sure that it is handled in a timely manner.

Within Budget

Our wholesale pricing will allow you to get more coverage and still be within your budget.

Timely Professional Service

Pathfinder Direct ensures fast customer service and turnaround. We will give you our best thoughts on your project to make it a success! We will provide you with the campaign reporting that is very detailed.

How can we help you?

Your direct marketing efforts are one-of-a-kind, but it’s likely the challenges you’re facing are not. Take a moment to tell us about your project, concerns, or aspirations—we’re here to help.

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