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Clients can achieve robust sales by micro targeting for geo and
lifestyle, as well as online buying habits.

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Professional & Comprehensive Postal Marketing

Pathfinder Direct’s Postal data is composed of 200 million records and has 350 different lifestyle selects from which to choose. A very important part of our business is that in the U.S.A. we do not charge for selects. This is what really differentiates us from every other list company. We NCOA (National Change of Address) each list before sending them to clients so they have accurate data.

Clients can achieve robust sales by micro targeting for geo and lifestyle, as well as online buying habits. People in our database tend to be very responsive to offers from our clients largely due to the fact that we have surveyed each consumer to determine what their preferences are and what types of offers they might find appealing.

Accurate Mailing List of Current Customers is a Goldmine!

An accurate mailing list of current customers is a goldmine for the sales and marketing department in any company, and that’s exactly what we offer to our clients. Ensuring that this mailing list is accurate and updated is an integral aspect to its usefulness, too, which is why we place an emphasis in this area. These lists are of pivotal importance since they provide leads for sales, groups for testing new products and a collection of sources to provide feedback on satisfaction.

Mailing lists may include physical addresses or email addresses. It is a good idea to associate as much information on the mailing list as possible. This may include:

These are just a few useful ways to segment a mailing list so that communication can be tailored for the specific customer.

1. Sales Leads

People who have already purchased from a company are more likely to purchase again, provided their experience was a good one. A mailing list gathered from current customers is a great place for sales to start. This is particularly true for a company that has multiple products. For example, a company that leases vehicles and provides roadside services can contact their customers who have only purchased one or the other offering, leaving the door open for sales representatives to fill the gap.

2. New Products

Current customers who are happy with the product or service they have received are more likely to be willing to try a new product. As a result, a customer mailing list is a great place to start a product launch. Utilize the list to build excitement about the product even before it is ready to be purchased. Get people talking about what they want or need before the product officially launches and improvements can be made to make it even better. This information sharing is also a great way to get ideas for new products that will do well in the market.

3. Customer Service

A customer mailing list can be used effectively to get feedback on satisfaction levels. Tracking who uses the call center and then asking them to complete a survey on their experience is one example of a frequent practice belonging to giant companies. You can utilize the information gathered from the customers to fine tune the areas of your company that have low satisfaction levels. Learn from your customers and let them help you improve.

Reach-out and contact Pathfinder Direct we will answer all of your mailing list questions, as well as needs; or 440-781-1947.

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